Webinar 1: How we use feedback in ePorfolios

Date: Thursday 24 February 2022

Time: 10.00 -11.30 hrs. (Bangkok time) or 13.00-14.30 hrs. (Brisbane time)

Presenters: Associate Professor Christine Slade, Shari Bowker

Organizers: Dr Nantana Taptamat, Dr Siti Muflichah


In this first workshop of the webinar series, Christine Slade and Shari Bowler will provide an overview of how ePortfolios can support feedback uptake and self-regulated learning in learners. This workshop aims to create a collaboratively developed resource about ways you can incorporate new feedback opportunities in your own teaching.

Workshop Recording

Timestamps are provided to help you navigate the content.
0:00 – Introduction
5:28 – Workshop starts
5:40 – Plan and Introduction
8:57 – Activity (Padlet Map)
12:51 – Thinking about ePortfolios
22:42 – Poll 1
29:07 – Thanking about Feedback
41:08 – Questions & Answers 1
48:09 – Practical Applications of Feedback in ePortfolios
1:04:52 – Poll 2
1:07:43 – Questions & Answers
1:19:35 – Wrap Up

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Associate Professor Christine Slade is an academic in the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation at the University of Queensland, Australia, with leadership responsibilities in assessment. Christine is a member of the North American Association of Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-based Learning (AAEEBL) Task Force on Digital Ethics and ePortfolios. 

Recently, she was also a co-investigator in a multi-university research project examining digital ethics for students in using secondary data from their ePortfolios. In addition, Christine is an active advisor for ePortfolio implementation, focusing on pedagogical outcomes for students and practical research outcomes.

See https://researchers.uq.edu.au/researcher/14189  for more information and publication history.

Shari is an experienced teacher who began working at The University of Queensland in 2011. Shari joined ITaLI in 2019 from the Office of Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine.

Shari’s focus on portfolio pedagogies fosters assessment designs for student-driven learning and feedback uptake to encourage the development of reflective, self-regulated learners. She partners with colleagues within ITaLI and Faculties to map out the pedagogical purposes of using ePortfolios to capture students’ educational journeys and professional identity development. Her student-staff partnerships facilitate collaborative learning of how ePortfolios support digital identities and employability awareness from the student’s point of view.

See https://itali.uq.edu.au/profile/2641/shari-bowker  for more information.

What our participants said about this webinar

About 26%, 45%, 23% and 5% of the participants indicated that 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% of the content was new. Additionally, 50%, 38% and 12% of those who answered the survey mentioned that they could use this session information immediately, in 2-6 months and 7-12 months, respectively.

Post survey result

Below are some selected answers to “Which elements of the event did you like the most? What did you most enjoy about today?”

  • The various forms of feedback – teacher vs. student; threshold concepts
  • The rich discussion and the fact that the presenters us a lot of literature to support their talk. I love polls and interactive activities. Thanks
  • feedback mechanism using information technology, I learned that there are many apps that we can use in our teaching; I’m planning on using one by one in my teaching.
  • I like the flow of discussion of topic, engaging on padlet, and observing the Q&A part, wherein the speakers knowledge impart thier techniques on how e portfolio works in thier school.
  • The new learnings about feedbacking particularly the different ways of doing it.

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This webinar is part of the SEAMEO Australia Education Links Award Programme proudly supported by the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO) and the Australian Government Department of Education, Skills and Employment.

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