SEAMEO-AUS EduLink Webinar Series on ePortfolios in Education

We are pleased to announce that we have just completed all workshops in a SEAMEO- AUS EduLink Webinar Series on ePortfolios in Education. This programme was supported by The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization (SEAMEO). There are four workshops in this series:

  1. How we use feedback in ePortfolio (24 February 2022)
  2. Ethical considerations in ePortfolios (7 March 2022)
  3. Eportfolios and authentic assessment (22 March 2022)
  4. Eportfolios for professional development

The recordings of all webinars are provided on this page. Please scroll down to watch them.

Meet Our Experts

Associate Professor Christine Slade is an academic in the Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation at the University of Queensland, Australia, with leadership responsibilities in assessment. Christine is a member of the North American Association of Authentic, Experiential and Evidence-based Learning (AAEEBL) Task Force on Digital Ethics and ePortfolios. 

Recently, she was also a co-investigator in a multi-university research project examining digital ethics for students in using secondary data from their ePortfolios. Christine is an active advisor for ePortfolio implementation, focusing on pedagogical outcomes for students and practical research outcomes.

See  for more information and publication history.

Shari is an experienced teacher who began working at The University of Queensland in 2011. Shari joined ITaLI in 2019 from the Office of Medical Education in the Faculty of Medicine.

Shari’s focus on portfolio pedagogies fosters assessment designs for student-driven learning and feedback uptake to encourage the development of reflective, self-regulated learners. She partners with colleagues within ITaLI and Faculties to map out the pedagogical purposes of using ePortfolios to capture students’ educational journeys and professional identity development.  Her student-staff partnerships facilitate collaborative learning of how ePortfolios support digital identities and employability awareness from the student’s point of view.

See  for more information.

Professor Christine Brown Wilson is a senior academic at the School of Nursing and Midwifery at Queen’s University Belfast and holds an Honorary Professorial position at the  University of Queensland.  Christine has extensive experience in teaching and learning in the UK, Singapore and Australia and is passionate about translating research into practice. Christine is currently working with teams in Australia, UK and Asia using codesign methods to develop effective digital learning resources for learners in higher education and community environments.  

As a Registered Nurse, Christine worked with older people, including those with dementia, in the independent and statutory sectors in health and social care. As a nurse academic, she has developed a relationship-based approach to care model that promotes both person-centred and relationship-centred care using a biographical approach to care planning. Christine has authored two books based on this model, one focusing on older people and the second using an organisational approach for dementia care. This model acknowledges the contribution older people and their families make in caring environments and supports staff in the application of practical strategies. Christine has worked with companies and health care organisations in the UK, Singapore and Australia in developing person-centred services.

See for more information and publication history.

Meet Your Hosts

This event is organised by the SEAMEO Australia Education Link Programmed and facilitated by Dr Nantana Taptamat and Dr Siti Muflichah.

Dr Nantana Taptamat, University of Queensland
Dr Siti Muflichah, UIN Antasari Banjarmasin

Advisory Team

Dr Ethel, Ms Piyapa and Dr Chistine have provided kind support and insightful advice throughout the programme. Additionally, we are highly grateful to our guest speakers for their time and generosity to share their expertise with our members.

Webinar Recordings

Webinar 1: How We Use Feedback in ePortfolios

Webinar 1: How we use feedback in ePortfolios

Webinar 2: Ethical Consideration of Using/Developing ePortfolios

Webinar 2: Ethical consideration of using/developing ePortfolios

Webinar 3: Authentic Assessments & ePortfolios

Webinar 3: Authentic assessment & ePortfolios

Webinar 4: ePortfolios for Professional Development

Webinar 4: ePortfolios for professional development

Should you want to be in touch or have any questions, please write to us.

Also, please feel free to leave comments or questions in the comment box below. We look forward to working with you!

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