To Rank or Not to Rank?

Initially, I thought of using gamification to boost interactions within our community as well as allow us to have first-hand experience with gamification. Some research suggests that gamification helps increase student engagement. So, I was thinking, it would be useful for us to experience this ourselves and decide if it is good or bad; to explore the pros and cons of gamification so that we are informed and can decide if we should use it in our classrooms. If so, to what extent and how we could use it to maximize its benefits to student learning.

However, after we opened our community last Monday, I felt we do not need a leaderboard because we don’t want to create a competitive environment for our members. We want everyone to focus on developing themselves and supporting others to achieve their best. So I took it down in the last few days. But we still keep the points and ranks for the previously proposed objectives.

However, as this community belongs to everyone, we all should have an equal voice to say about this. Please submit your opinions on whether or not we should use the point and rank system within our community. We are also welcome your opinions as always. Please submit your comment below but please be respectful to each other. Thank you for your contribution.

Should we keep our points and ranks associated with our profiles?

Should we show our point earning and rank with our profiles?

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  1. I think it’s good motivation so we should keep it but let’s not have the leaderboards publicly to avoid competition. I mean competitiveness might be good to some degree but as you have mentioned above it might defeat the actual purpose of all this.