Internationalization At Home

Oftentimes, when we hear the word internationalization, we think of it as mobility for both the students and Faculty. But in the advent of the global pandemic, universities here in the Philippines and abroad rethink the traditional way of holding internationalization programs. Instead of an actual exchange of human resources and face-to-face interactions with international partners, we at CBSUA-Calabanga explore internationalization at home by opening our campus to international partners in the convenience of our homes.

Seeing a number of our Faculty in this dynamic collectives of South East Asian academics, is an affirmation of how serious the entire university is not only of engaging in internationalization but also of improving the most important service that the university provides which is ensuring quality instruction to students.

We hope forward to learning more and collaborating with the members of this community be it in designing ePortfolio or in other ways by which our institutions are benefitted. Padayon!




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  1. That is true. We see new ways of collaboration in many forms. For example, most of the conferences or training programs now offer both face to face and online options.