Indonesian Food in Brisbane

Today I had lunch at one of the famous Indonesian restaurants named “Shalom.” This restaurant is located in St Lucia, next to my university. I really like the atmosphere of this restaurant, and the food is so delicious. I see that the chefs are Indonesian, so I guess the taste is authentic 🙂 I went there with other two friends of mine, and we ordered different dishes.

My Burmese friend had this fish, “Ikan Bakar/Goreng Woku” with rice. I had one bite of her food, and I quite liked it actually. However, I think it is a bit too sweet for me.

Another friend and I had chicken where I guessed our chicken dishes were the same. The only difference was the sauce. While my friend’s sauce was made of green chilli, mine was made of red chilli, and the tastes were different. As my friend could not eat spicy food, I ended up having both sauces–haha, bonus!

My friend dish is called “Ayam Presto Kremes Padang”, yum yum! 

I had a set of rice called, “Nasi Timbel Ayam Bakar.” I like the sour soup that came with this set, but I must say the dried fish was superb! 

We also ordered beef lung. I must say I really enjoyed all the dishes (I took a bite of each of my friend’s food). I wonder if my understanding that Ayam means chicken is correct. 

To our Indonesian out there, what is your favourite Indonesian food? Do the dishes we ordered look authentic to you?

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  1. All these food are delicious, Nantana…. You remind me when I was in Adelaide, Australia 2007-2008 conducting my master degree there. Each year the Indonesian students (university) arranges the festival food and the costs are not expensive.

    1. When I was in Hawaii, Indonesian students usually shared with the community the yellow rice where they put it in the pineapples served with different kinds of food whenever we had cultural exchange events. The presentation was so pretty. The prices for this particular restaurant are student-friendly; they are cheaper than most food in other areas. The chicken costs $12, my friend fish costs $19, and my set costs $18. The portions are quite generous too.

      1. Hmmmm…central market…yeah, I like it very much. On 1 o’clock each Saturdays there will $1 for the a pack of vegetables or fruits. Is it still exist? What about the Glenelg beach, do you like it Anan?

        1. I have idea as I only visit Adelaide in 2016 for a few days. I bought a few day trips to ? and I loved learning about how each place made wine and stories behind it. Even I couldn’t drink much (I mostly just smelled the wines), I had great experience. If I have a chance to go back, I would do it again.

  2. Hai Nantana, the type of food you choose comes from the Sunda region (West Java) from the island of Java. The hallmark of the dish, there is a piece of salted fish, the main side dish (such as fried fish, fried duck or fried chicken). The typical food of the island of Java is a piece of tofu and tempeh. Actually, it has become a typical food in all regions in Indonesia, what distinguishes it is the complementary vegetables and chili sauce (sambal). From the type of sambal, we can find out where the food is from. Each region has its own characteristics. The same goes for complementary vegetables. Many Indonesian dishes have gone global including rendang (Padang), satay (Javanese), meatballs, fried rice, gudek (Jogya) and pempek (Palembang). I hope you can come to my country and enjoy every culinary in the area you visit.

    1. @Cahaya_dc Thanks so much for this information. I really like reading the stories behind each culture. Actually, they gave me small pieces of fried dried fish and tempeh. As I shared with my friend, I had only one bite of each, but they tasted super delicious. I bought tempeh from a supermarket but it did not taste as good.
      I really like the sauce that came with my chicken. I notice there was some kind of leaves in it that I really liked the smell but I had no ideas what is that leave though. I definitely want to visit Indonesia someday when we allow travelling again and I am sure that I will enjoy the food there.