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There are so many great recipes from youtube (no more cookbook anymore)  coming out, and I’ll be sharing some of my favorites over this season.

During this time of pandemic that is difficult to go to market or groceries, even the restriction are lower because of covid-19. I prefer to cook something simple to prepare but the elements of “deliciousness” are still present. Here is one of my favorite recipes that is easy to prepare.

I just use these ingredients and this is the step-by-step procedure for how I cooked this simple dish.

  1. First I clean the green chili or we call it siling berde here in the Philippines. It is commonly used in “sinigang”. This is another recipe here in the Philippines that is definitely delicious :).

  2. I make sure that the seeds inside the green chili are removed to avoid too much spicy.

  3. Then I just put the ground pork inside the green chili. For some, they put cheese to add another taste. For this recipe, I do not put cheese.

  4. Then I wrapped it with a lumpia wrapper.

  5. Then I just fried it.

Just easy steps in order to eat.

They call this recipe “dynamite lumpia”, I don’t know the real story behind this dish name, but for my own opinion. Maybe because they associate the taste of spicy with dynamite

Do you have the same food as “dynamite lumpia” in your place? Does it have a story background about that food?

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  1. Look yummy! I wonder if the green chillies are as spicy as red chillies. In Thailand, some kind of green chillies are not spicy at all. We eat them as vegetables with Noodle soup.